Frequently Asked Questions About Leaves Out


How LeavesOut Gutter Covers Are Installed

LeavesOut gutter covers are attached to the gutters, not to the roof. There are no screws or nails penetrating your roof because LeavesOut is secured to the outer lip of your existing gutter using stainless steel clips and screws. LeavesOut gutter covers can be easily removed should you need to repair or replace your gutters or roof in the future.

Can I have LeavesOut installed on my vinyl gutters?

LeavesOut is successfully installed on not only standard aluminum gutters but also on vinyl gutters as well as copper half-round gutters. Standard LeavesOut installs on both standard 5″ gutters as well as on commercial 6″ gutters. LeavesOut is made in any width required by the job — another feature unique to the gutter protection industry.

Can I have LeavesOut installed on my metal roof?

Because of LeavesOut’s versatility in manufacturing, it has been successfully installed on several types of metal roofs as well as slate, wood shake and concrete tile roofs. Similar products cannot be installed on these roofs.

Will LeavesOut adversely affect the appearance of my house?

In fact, most people find that LeavesOut enhances the appearance of the house! Because of its low profile, it is much less visible than similar products. By blending the color with that of the shingle, LeavesOut becomes nearly invisible to the casual observer. Another advantage to having LeavesOut installed is that it is a capital improvement that increases the value of the home while making the gutters maintenance free.

Will water come off LeavesOut during hard rains?

LeavesOut is successfully installed on roofs pitched as steep as 23/12 (nearly vertical) without water coming off during even heavy rains. LeavesOut has been tested with rainfalls at over 12″ of rain an hour without water coming off.

Can I install LeavesOut myself?

A professional certified installer is recommended to assure that LeavesOut will function as designed.

Can we match the LeavesOut color to our gutter color?

There are 23 standard colors and over 100 special order colors of LeavesOut available compared to typically four or five colors with similar products. Please see our color selection chart.

Is LeavesOut easy to remove when roof shingles are to be replaced?

LeavesOut removes easily by taking out two stainless steel screws per four foot section. They can then be easily reinstalled once the new roof is on. Since it is not nailed or screwed down to roof decking, the removal and reinstallation is much easier than similar products.

What happens with ice buildup and during snowfall?

LeavesOut prevents ice or snow from accumulating in the gutter. Once the ice or snow begins to melt, the water flows freely through the gutter and down the downspout. Occasionally, ice may bridge the gap between LeavesOut and the lip of the gutter and icicles may form. The gutter stays clear. Once the ice begins to melt the icicles fall off and water flows freely into the gutter.

Will any debris enter the gutter after LeavesOut is installed?

Larger debris, such as twigs and leaves, cannot enter through the gap between gutter and cover. An important part of the LeavesOut installation procedure is a thorough gutter cleaning; subsequently dirt, roofing granules, and other small debris may be carried into the gutter without causing a problem. The flow of rainwater flushes this small debris through the always-clean gutters, and the downspouts do not get plugged.

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